Hey, Friends!

My name is Isabella Urrego, but you can call me Bella. I’m a 9-year-old Pre-teenager, go to school, and love being an artist. I live between this world and the verse. Check out my NFTs and let me know your thoughts.

Check My Collections

Right below you can see all my NFT collections! My plan is to have a different collection every month. You can either click and see them on my personal website or simply visit OpenSea, where I host all of them.

NOTE: Every collection has its own meaning behind it.

The Why of My NFTs

American Dream

Cyborg Meows


ABC of Space

ABC of Animals



Featured Products



Featured Products

Lemonade stand

My Lemonade Stand

Every summer I make some money selling lemonade at the park or outside big box stores. During winter I just sell my merch online and now my NFTs.